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From the President

All the companies of our Group are a part of our corporate culture, which we established by working hard, been keen, by creating new learning opportunities under all kinds of conditions, making brave decisions, acting fast, accurately analyzing the needs, adopting solution oriented approaches, making no compromise on the codes of conduct, and by respecting experience and knowledge. 

Atila Türkmen

About Türkmen Group

Türkmen Group leverages its business philosophy to re-shape and re-define the business models used in all of its operating industries and, in doing so, serves as an inspiration for other companies. It regards its business philosophy as its most important capital and investment. This philosophy is based on creating sustainable value for all business partners and recognizing how important this value creation is for the sustainability of its entire operation.

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The Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan presented the achievement award to >>>

Turkmen Group Import Export Foreign Trade Inc. and ACT Clothing Industry and Trade Inc. companies awarded >>>

George, the apparel brand of Asda, the UK supermarket chain of Wal-Mart, >>>

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