HR Policy

Turkmen Group is a large family with more than 1500 employees. Awareness of HR is the source of success for each and every one of the employee’s personal and professional development in Turkmen Group. HR policies are implemented to create a sustainable learning environment.

Turkmen Group’s HR Policy aims primarily to:

  • Attract the right people to establish, develop, and operate with high motivation. To have individuals who not only work as a team but make it possible to show high performance with every new project.
  • Using positive reinforcement and high expectations to achieve company goals on various projects.
  • Providing opportunities for new business development and portray positive external image.
  • Mentoring relationships
  • New opportunities to contribute to the company with their talents or perspective
  • Applying systems in the company to ensure success in its goals and make it possible for employees to develop further
  • Every employee is a direct representation of the company
  • Building teams of leaders
  • Disseminating leadership throughout the organization
  • Creating dialogue, common vision, and shared commitments to facilitate effective organizational change
  • Providing mechanisms and opportunities for self- development
  • Aligning management and support systems to promote and reinforce ongoing leadership development
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